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Everything about egg incubators

Discover the best way to raise and incubate bird and reptile eggs using your own egg incubator. Learn more about professional incubation!

What animal eggs do you want to incubate?

Egg incubation requires special care and attention, as each species has different characteristics (eggshell color, size, hardness, shell resistance, etc.) and therefore needs optimal conditions specific to its habitat for successful hatching.

Bird Incubation

These incubators are generally used for hatching birds, but they can also be used for reptiles. What animal are you going to incubate?

Reptile Incubation

To incubate reptiles, turtles, snakes, iguanas, or any reptile that hatches from eggs and can be incubated, as a recommendation, the Exo Terra incubator is the most suitable for these little animals.

Which incubator to buy to start?

There are two types of egg incubators, manual and automatic. It is not necessary to explain each one; what is interesting are the characteristics of the incubator models. If you are looking for cheap incubator prices, then the manual incubators are for you, but if you are looking for convenience and efficiency, you are looking for an automatic one.

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Incubator Catalog

Find the best egg incubator deals on Amazon:

Incubate Quantity and Quality

Classification of incubators according to egg capacity, you can buy incubators with 7, 12, 24, 56 eggs and more.

Tips and maintenance for egg incubators and hatchers

Here are some processes and products to disinfect and clean your egg incubator and guarantee a higher percentage of births, an essential section.

On the birth, growth and development of your poultry

The place where future chicks will live is very important so that they have everything they need in their stages of birth, growth and development. Here you will find both large chicken coops for raising many chicks and smaller chicken coops perfect for homes with small yards:

Do you know what an egg incubator machine is?

The egg incubator is a device or tool used for the breeding of oviparous animals, especially birds and reptiles. The usefulness of these devices is to create a mini ecosystem of optimal humidity and temperature for the birth of new offspring and thus facilitate the reproduction and growth of certain animals.

Hatching egg

On this particular website, we will deal with incubators for chickens, reptiles and other animals, of bird eggs, such as chickens, quails, partridges, geese, and others. Although there are incubators for neonatal eggs that are used for favorable conditions in newborn babies.

Automatic egg incubators Parts of an egg incubator

Breeding farms can be of different shapes, sizes, and characteristics, but these are the essential parts that they all must have:

Thermostat, which controls the temperature and humidity of the incubator. Cover that prevents the optimal conditions inside the incubator from changing. Plug, as it will have to be connected to the power supply to heat the medium and use the humidifier. Plate to place the eggs, depending on the incubator for birds or reptiles that you have, it will have a greater or lesser capacity.

How does an egg incubator work?

Before knowing how an incubator works, it must be ensured that the eggs that are going to be used for incubation are fertilized, so that no external agent can affect the conditions or contaminate the environment that we want to create in our bird incubator.

It is important to follow a step-by-step user manual to control that everything is going well. For proper operation, you have to look at the loss of water